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Katarzyna and her team have been exceptional to deal with! Always so passionate about our brand; they are amazing advocates of Indeed Labs. As a brand owner, my biggest worry is partnering with outside support that may not be on brand for us or that may not share the same voice. This team just get it! Love working with them.

Dimitra Davidson CEO Indeed Labs

Team PR Lovin’ are the invisible wings of my company! Creativity, knowledge, commitment are undoubtedly the foundations of their activities. Girls, apart from the effectiveness and development of my brand offer much more - empathy and understanding. Quality, reliability, attention to every detail - their work is a true passion. I love PR Lovin’ Girls - they have become inseparable part of my team ❤️

Daria Humięcka Lustré

Extremely professional team with great taste that perfectly manages all aspects of public relations. Long-term cooperation with PR LOVIN' is an obvious choice for Oio Lab and inseparable part of our business strategy. True specialists that are able to establish an excellent relationship between our company and the public, growing our public profile and helping us achieve success. Public relations require big picture thinking along with an eye for details, and this is the perfect description of PR LOVIN'. Not only my highest recommendation, but also an integral part of Oio Lab.

Joanna Ryglewicz Oio Lab Brand Creator

It is with the greatest pleasure that I would like to recommend PR Lovin’ to anyone who requires comprehensive support in terms of brand image and PR. In the year that I had the pleasure to work with PR Lovin’ had fully completed all mutually agreed objectives, met all targets, created an original and extraordinary brand “story” for us. I highly value the close cooperation that I had with Katarzyna Kuskowska, the company owner. She was always available, offering professional consulting and so engaged that she very much became part of our team. All brand related activities PR Lovin’ conducted with professionalism and to a highest standard.

Maciej Szpot Group BFC CEO

PR Lovin’ is an agency that is not only adept at looking after the image of companies that they represent but also after their own. Their image is thought through, all-encompassing and consistent with the brands that they work for. The owner is a creative and extremely well organised person. She is effective and meets all deadlines. She can win anyone over with her charm, which has a positive influence on the brand perception.

Magdalena Zajączkowska Mint Grey

On behalf of myself and the Raw Decor team, I highly recommend working with PR Lovin’. Katarzyna Kuskowska and her employees are involved in building the image of our brand and products, as well as in wide range of Social Media activities and events and photoshoot productions. We value the independence of PR Lovin ', and how good they are at understanding our needs. We appreciate their availability, ease of contact, their knowledge of the interior design industry and current trends. In their work, PR Lovin' uses both current and innovative communication channels. PR Lovin’ is valued for their intuition in making business and PR decisions, which has brought additional profits to the company.

Piotr Nagaduś Raw Decor CEO

We've been looking for someone who thinks like us for a long time. And we found! PR Lovin’ Girls are great at creating something simple and unusual. They listen to what we say and create what we expect. And they are very positive and full of great energy. Cooperation with them is pure pleasure and complete satisfaction.


Since the beginning of our cooperation with PR Lovin', Clare Blanc has noted a significant sales increase and brand awareness on the beauty market. The agency has planned and successfully enforces brand positioning strategy, communication in Social Media, media relations activities and production of photo and video content. All elements of cooperation are made with care along with the highest standards. After several years of cooperation, the agency has become my key partner in business.

Iga Palarska Clare Blanc

Owner of the Agency, Katarzyna is a great strategist and her knowledge of psychology enables her to achieve her goals in a very effective and graceful manner. PR Lovin’ Team is also very up to date with current market environment and possesses a rare ability to foresee the trends on the market – which makes it possible to plan an effective marketing strategy way ahead of our competition. During our cooperation both the brand awareness as well as our sales expanded dramatically.

Joanna Ryglewicz CEO Embryolisse Polska

With PR Lovin' help it became possible to expand into new markets, which will definitely result in further expansions.